Cruise Tip #1 – The Big Box

Here is the first of many Cruise Tips from Melissa
Ok folks, we only have 325 days till we sail, so now is as good time as any to start planning for the little things that will help you be ready. Today is box day. The day to find your box. You ask what is box day? Well, it’s the day to find your box that is going to hold all the stuff that will be helpful on the cruise. This box will hold things you won’t need till it’s time to pack for your cruise, and this box will be your best friend in 325 days. Trust me, and you can thank me later. Your box can be as plain or blinged up as you want it. Decorate it, name it, but whatever you do, don’t ignore this. Once again you’ll thank me in 325 Days. Your box is going to hold the little helpful items that will make your cruise just a little smoother. So go and find your box, keep it in a place easy to get to, and watch as we fill it up over the next 325 days. I will be telling you over the next few months what to put in your box that you will want on the cruise. (Did you know that Todd and Melissa will be putting together a secret gift exchange with other Bless The Badge cruisers? You definetly want to put that stuff in your box.)

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