Cruise Tip #2 – Room Key Cards

Cruise ships have a key card holder right inside the door that once you put your room key in, the lights and AC will come on. Your card must be in the holder for the lights and AC to work in the room.
One mistake that many passengers make is using their room key card to operate the light switch in their room. This can be very dangerous as you might forget it in the room or the room attendant might take it by mistake. Therefore, it is important to remember that your room key card should not be used on the cruise ship for any purpose other than unlocking your cabin door. (and to show for your drink package and purchases)
When you check in on the ship, we will give each room a little gift from us that you will thank us for when you can leave your AC on all the time. We have made up cards that will fit in the light switch and keep the AC flowing, even when you are not in the room. And, because the walls are metal, we will put a little magnet on the back so you can just leave the card on the wall above the switch if you choose.

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