Cruise Tip #14 Packing for Fun Ashore: Unleash the Beach Bum or Shopping Guru Within! (Does Not Include Socks With Flip Flops)

Ahoy there, adventurous landlubbers! So you’ve embarked on a marvelous cruise ship journey, and the time has come to disembark for a day of beachside bliss, retail therapy, or thrilling shore excursions. But wait, before you rush to the gangway with reckless abandon, let’s talk about the essential items you should pack for these exciting escapades. Fear not, my fellow cruisers, for I have compiled a list that will not only ensure you have a blast but also spare you the wrath of towel-related expenses. Pack your bags and get ready for a laughter-filled voyage through the must-haves for your onshore adventures!

  1. Beach Day Extravaganza: When the sun beckons and the sound of crashing waves lures you, it’s time for a beach day extravaganza! Here’s what you should pack (apart from your enthusiastic beach vibes, of course):

  • Sunscreen: Defend your delicate skin from the wrath of the sun and avoid looking like a lobster dinner.

  • Sunglasses: Shield your peepers from the sun’s rays while maintaining that effortlessly cool beachgoer aesthetic.

  • Flip-Flops or Sandals: Walking on the scorching sand can turn your toes into a summer BBQ. Protect them with the beach’s unofficial uniform.

  • Hat: No, not just any hat, but one that screams “vacation mode.” Find a stylish topper that keeps your face shaded and your selfie game strong.

  • Water Bottle: Hydration is key to surviving a day of sun-soaked fun. Stay refreshed and avoid becoming a shriveled-up sailor.

  • Snacks: A day on the beach demands sustenance. Pack some light snacks like fruit, chips, or even a sandwich to fuel your adventures.


Remember, the cruise line has your back in the towel department, so no need to pack those. Just make sure you bring back your borrowed towel, or they might just add it to your tab! You don’t want to swim your way into unexpected expenses, matey!

  1. Shopping Spree Delight: For those with a penchant for retail therapy, a day of shopping ashore is like walking into Aladdin’s cave. But hold your credit cards, there are a few essentials to consider:

  • Comfortable Shoes: Shopping involves long walks, aisle exploration, and potential sprinting to snag the best deals. Opt for comfy footwear that won’t leave you crying for mercy.

  • Reusable Shopping Bag: Save the environment and your wallet by bringing a reusable bag for all the souvenirs, treasures, and spontaneous purchases you’ll inevitably accumulate.

  • Wallet/Travel Money: Remember to bring your “I’m a savvy shopper” funds. Leave behind the treasure map; no pirate chests full of gold required.

  • Portable Charger: Nothing is more devastating than your phone dying right as you’re about to document your fabulous finds. Keep that Instagram story game going strong with a trusty portable charger.

  • Sense of Humor: Shopping adventures can get wild, my friend. Keep a sense of humor handy for those moments when you accidentally knock over a display or get into a dressing room mix-up. Laughter is the best currency!

  1. Shore Excursion Thrills: For those seeking thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences, shore excursions are the ultimate ticket to excitement. Don’t forget to pack:

  • Comfortable Clothing: Dress appropriately for the adventure at hand, be it hiking, zip-lining, or swimming with dolphins. Remember, style doesn’t matter when you’re having the time of your life.

  • Waterproof Camera: Capture your daring escapades without worrying about the elements. A waterproof camera or a sturdy protective case for your phone will do the trick.

  • Medications and First Aid Kit: Just in case you end up bruised, battered, or suffering from a sudden case of motion sickness, bring your trusty meds and a compact first aid kit to keep your crew in shipshape condition.

  • Sense of Adventure: Lastly, but most importantly, bring along your unbridled spirit of adventure. Embrace the unexpected, laugh at mishaps, and make memories that will forever be etched in the annals of your cruising chronicles.


Conclusion: Whether you’re planning a sun-soaked beach day, an epic shopping spree, or an adrenaline-fueled shore excursion, packing the right items can make all the difference. Just remember, the cruise line has your back when it comes to beach towels, but be sure to return them to avoid a surprise charge. With this humorous packing guide in tow, you’re now armed with the knowledge to conquer the shores and have a legendary time off the ship. So set sail with confidence, fellow travelers, and may your adventures be filled with laughter, sunshine, and stories that will have your fellow cruisers green with envy! Bon voyage!

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