Cruise Tip #15 – Maximizing Power Outlets on a Cruise Ship Stateroom

When embarking on a cruise vacation, it’s essential to consider your power needs within the confines of a stateroom. While cruise ship cabins typically offer a limited number of power outlets, there’s a clever solution that can help you charge multiple devices simultaneously without any surge protection concerns. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using the One Beat Power Strip on a cruise ship and how it can enhance your overall experience.


Power Strips without Surge Protectors: A Must-Have for Cruisers

Cruise ships prioritize safety and electrical system stability. Consequently, they often have policies in place to prevent the use of power strips with surge protectors on board. These policies aim to reduce the risk of electrical hazards caused by faulty or incompatible power strips. However, power strips without surge protectors offer a safe and practical alternative, providing a convenient way to expand your power options without breaching the cruise ship’s regulations.


Introducing the One Beat Power Strip:

The One Beat Power Strip is a reliable and compact power strip specifically designed for travel and cruise ship use. This power strip offers a simple, yet effective, solution to maximize power outlets in your cruise ship stateroom. It is a great addition to your packing list, ensuring you can conveniently charge your devices without running into any technical issues.


Benefits of the One Beat Power Strip:

  1. Compact and Travel-Friendly Design: The One Beat Power Strip boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal companion for travel. Its slim form factor allows it to fit easily into your luggage or carry-on bag without taking up much space. The design ensures that you can conveniently carry it with you and make the most of the power outlets in your stateroom.

  2. Multiple Outlets for Simultaneous Charging: Equipped with multiple power outlets, the One Beat Power Strip enables you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you need to charge your smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, or any other essential electronic devices, this power strip provides ample outlets to meet your needs.

  3. USB Ports for Convenient Charging: In addition to the standard power outlets, the One Beat Power Strip also features USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices without the need for bulky adapters. This feature is particularly convenient if you’re traveling with USB-powered devices, such as smartphones or tablets. You can simply plug them directly into the USB ports and keep your standard outlets free for other devices.

  4. Surge Protection Exclusion: The One Beat Power Strip does not include a surge protector, making it a compliant choice for cruise ship staterooms. With this power strip, you can rest assured that you won’t run afoul of any policies or have your power strip confiscated. Cruise lines prioritize safety, and by utilizing surge protector-free power strips like the One Beat, you can enjoy a worry-free charging experience.



When cruising, the limited number of power outlets in staterooms can be a challenge. However, by utilizing the One Beat Power Strip, you can effectively expand your charging options without compromising safety or violating any cruise ship regulations. Its compact design, multiple outlets, and USB ports make it an excellent travel companion for cruise enthusiasts.


As a responsible traveler, it’s essential to adhere to the policies set by the cruise line. By using power strips without surge protectors, like the One Beat Power Strip, you can ensure a safe and compliant charging experience throughout your voyage. So, don’t forget to add this power strip to your cruise packing list and make the most of the power outlets available in your stateroom.

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