Cruise Tip #18 – What Not to Pack: Prohibited Items on Norwegian Cruise Line

Embarking on a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) vacation promises memorable experiences and exciting adventures on the high seas. However, before you set sail, it’s essential to be aware of the prohibited items list. NCL places strict restrictions on certain items for the safety and security of all passengers and crew members. In this blog post, we will outline the items you must leave behind when packing for your cruise to ensure a smooth and enjoyable voyage.

  1. Illegal Narcotics/Drugs:

The use and possession of illegal narcotics, including marijuana (even if prescribed for medical purposes), and drug paraphernalia are strictly prohibited on NCL ships. This includes products containing CBD, oils, candies, gummies, or any item containing THC.

  1. Firearms and Projectiles:

For safety reasons, firearms of any kind are not allowed on board. This includes replicas, imitations, non-firing weapons, starting pistols, airsoft guns, BB guns, pellet pistols, paintball guns, and any item resembling a firearm. Ammunition or replica ammunition for these items is also prohibited.

  1. Explosives and Pyrotechnics:

Items such as explosives, detonators, fireworks, flares, and pyrotechnics are not allowed on the cruise ship.

  1. Martial Arts Weapons and Knives:

Martial arts weapons, such as throwing stars and flails, along with knives with blades longer than 4 inches (10.16 cm), are not permitted.

  1. Swords, Spears, Crossbows, and Arrows:

Items like swords, spears, spear guns, crossbows, crossbow bolts, and long bow arrows are prohibited on board.

  1. Blunt Weapons:

Blunt weapons like knuckle dusters, brass knuckles, clubs, telescopic batons, batons, flails, and nunchaku are not allowed.

  1. Incapacitating Substances:

Items containing incapacitating substances like gas guns, tear gas sprays, mace, phosphorus, acid, and dangerous chemicals are strictly prohibited.

  1. Restraining Devices:

Handcuffs, leg and head restraining straps, or any other device intended for restraining are not allowed.

  1. Flammable Substances and Hazardous Chemicals:

Items containing flammable substances or hazardous chemicals, such as petrol, methylated spirits, paint thinners, and lighter fuel, are not permitted.

  1. Offensive Weapons and Stun Devices:

Any item made, adapted, or intended for use as an offensive weapon, as well as stun devices like Tazers and Stun Guns, are prohibited.

  1. Items with Heating Elements:

Items with heating elements, including immersion heaters, heating blankets, clothing irons, water heaters, coffee machines with heating plates, etc., are not allowed if not supplied by the company.

  1. Remotely Controlled Devices and Drones:

Remotely controlled or autonomously flying devices, toys, or drones are prohibited on board.

  1. Self-Balancing Devices:

Self-balancing hoverboards, airwheels, scooters, or Segways are not permitted.

  1. Compressed Gas Tanks and Cylinders:

Items such as dive tanks, propane tanks, large aerosol cans, and compressed gas tanks are prohibited.

  1. Electronic Devices and Batteries:

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB), ham radios, satellite phones, transformers, lasers, and laser pointers are not allowed.

  1. Signal Jamming Equipment:

Any form of radio/telephone signal jamming equipment is strictly prohibited.

  1. Samsung Note 7:

For safety reasons, Samsung Note 7 devices are not allowed on NCL ships due to previous battery-related issues.

  1. Candles:

Candles are not permitted on board for fire safety reasons.

  1. Inflatable Kayaks and Metal Detectors:

Inflatable kayaks and metal detectors with lithium batteries are prohibited on board.

  1. Fans and Walkie-Talkies:

All types of fans, except small electrical and battery-operated fans subject to security inspection, are not allowed. Walkie-talkies are also on the prohibited items list.


Knowing the list of prohibited items on Norwegian Cruise Line will help you pack efficiently and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for everyone on board. Prioritizing safety and security allows all passengers and crew to have a worry-free cruise experience, filled with excitement, relaxation, and cherished memories. So, pack smart, adhere to the guidelines, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure at sea! Bon voyage!

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