Cruise Tip #26 – I Have Two Beds In My Room Instead Of One

If you get to your room and for some reason your beds are not correct either they are togeather or they are apart, Just let your room attendant know and follow these directions.


In the land of the ocean, so vast and so wide, A cruise ship adventure, come along for the ride! But sometimes, oh my, there’s a mix-up, you see, With the beds in your cabin, what a strange mystery!


You step in your stateroom, you’re ready to rest, But your beds are apart, and you start to feel stressed. Or perhaps, oh dear, they’re together, all snug, But don’t let it bother you, don’t pull out your rug!


For here’s a secret, so simple and neat, Just like in Cool Pandaland, where stories are sweet. Don’t fret, don’t stew, don’t pout or despair, Just call the room steward; they’ll soon be aware!


They’re quick as a flash, like a cat in a hat, With a nod and a smile, they’ll fix it like that. While you’re at dinner, enjoying your feast, They’ll work their cruise magic, you’ll have a good night’s sleep, at least!


So why worry, dear friend, about beds here and there? On a cruise, there’s adventure, so much to declare! Just let the steward know, don’t let troubles accrue, They’ll sort it out swiftly, no need to boo-hoo!


It’s a lesson we’ve learned from a Cool Panda guide, To keep smiles on your faces, let concerns slide. On this cruise ship of dreams, oh, what a delight, With the help of the steward, everything’s right!


So whether apart, or together they stay, Your beds will be perfect by the end of the day. No fretting, no fussing, just enjoy and have fun, On this cruise, my dear friend, you’re the fortunate one!


In the world of Cool Panda, where whimsy takes flight, We’ve learned not to worry, but to do what’s right. Just let the room steward know, it’s as easy as pie, And your beds will be perfect, under the starry night sky!


So set sail on your journey, with joy in your heart, Knowing Cool Panda wisdom has played its part. No matter the hiccup, the snag, or the mishap, Your cruise dreams will stay on the right track!

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