Corporate & Company Bonding Experiences


A cruise is a great choice for a corporate retreat or small company getaway for a number of reasons. First, it provides an opportunity for employees to bond with one another in a relaxed setting. There are a variety of activities available on cruise ships, from group fitness classes to trivia nights, that can help employees get to know one another better. In addition, cruises offer a variety of amenities that can make employees feel relaxed and pampered, such as pools, spas, and restaurants. And finally, cruises are a great value for the money, providing all-inclusive packages that are often cheaper than hotels or other resorts. For these reasons, a cruise is an ideal choice for a corporate retreat.

We work with the cruise lines so that you can enjoy private events all to yourself. Imagine taking over the back of the ship each night to have your own private concerts with an open bar for all your employees. We also work with shore excursion companies so that you can have your own private shore excursions tailored just for you too. How amazing will you look when you take all your employees to a private island getaway just for them on your next shore excursion?

  • We arrange for transport (Flights & Car rentals, or Transfers), and accommodation for attendees. 
  • Use an app or website to communicate event details with attendees.
  • We work with shore excursion companies to create custom team bonding shore excursions just for you.
  • We are onboard working with the ships officers to make sure that all your request are accommodated.
  • We handle the checking in of your employees once on the ship.
  • We work with DJ's, comedians, guest speakers, and bands to provide private entertainment just for your group.

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