Cruise Group Travel

Group cruises are a great way to spend your vacation with friends, family or any other type of group whether large or small. The value on board is unbeatable - you can go around and do whatever suits each person's needs for the day! There will always be something happening at all hours so there won't even feel like time has passed since everyone was onboard--no matter what you choose as your activity today (or if its just dinner)

Group Cruises off a wide range of benefits.. To start with, lower pricing and the rates are guaranteed for the categories that are held. When not booking as a group, rates are always subject to change. Groups are also offered extra amenities ranging from onboard credits, a complimentary bottle of wine or a cocktail party, specialty dining or other amenities.

There is also the opportunity to be the group leader and sail for FREE as a tour conductor credit will be issued back after the group sails.


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