Meetings At Sea

Planning an event on a cruise ship is different than any other type of land-based program. You'll have to take into account everything that's included, not only the unique experiences you'll only get with cruising but also cost savings which are incomparable by comparison! A cruise meeting can save your organization up to 40% when compared to a hotel, conference center or resort.

Did you know that only about 24% of the US adult population has taken a cruise? Which means that cruising is a new and exciting experience that motivates your attendees.

Bliss Theater on Norwegian Bliss
  • Meals, meeting rooms and the use of audio visual equipment is all included in the price.
  • Theatres and lounges feature state-of-the-art sound sound, light and projection systems. 
  • Self contained environment meaning there are less outside distractions so your attendees can focus on the agenda. 
  • The opportunity for spouses, kids and teens to come along and will all be rewarded with the wide variety of activities that are available. 
  • Ship staff to guest ratio is usually three times that of most resorts. So everyone in the group will receive attentive personalized service. 
  • The variety of restaurants and menus from buffets, to elegant dining and specialty restaurants is one of the greatest advantages of cruise meetings. 
  • Sharing new travel experiences fosters camaraderie. 
  • We arrange for transport (Flights & Car rentals), and accommodation for attendees. 
  • Industry Contacts – We work with all the major cruise lines and know how to find your perfect ship.
  • Contract Negotiations – We will walk you through the process and ensure you maximize every variable.
  • Cruise Booking Platform For Your Event– We implement a professional cruise booking platform for your event. You do not need to worry about websites, sign ups, or payments. We handle it all. You just bring the cruisers.
  • Dedicated Cruise Program Manager – A Program Manager that will guide you through every stage of planning and will be with you onboard to ensure your vision is executed just the way you wanted it.
  • Reporting and Inventory Management – We will conduct a weekly audit of bookings, provide you with detailed booking reports, manage guest special requests and all reporting to the cruise line.
  • Port Logistics – When it comes to brining equipment on the ship, we have experience in working with customs to get your equipment on and off efficiently.

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